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Dawn Emerick


About Dawn

Dawn Emerick is a consultant with 30 years of experience in health education and administration. Currently, she works as an independent consultant for a variety of businesses and organizations. Dawn helps these corporations to address wellness demands, lower the risk of threats, and take advantage of opportunities that present themselves in the workplace and in community settings.

For example, Dawn has worked with the Hubbard House, a domestic violence shelter, to develop a Respiratory Disease policy that workers could use to keep people safe. Additionally, Dawn has worked with One Spark Creator Academy to unearth needs in training and collaborate with entrepreneurs to remedy these, leading to successful company growth. She has also provided executive consulting services to Groundwork Jacksonville, a nonprofit organization that works to clean up contaminated areas and repurpose them to better the community. Dawn helped Groundwork Jacksonville to achieve nonprofit status, create a manageable budget, increase revenue by 40%, and develop initial strategic and resource plans.

Prior to Dawn Emerick’s consulting work, she has held several high-ranking positions in healthcare administration. Her last position was as the Metropolitan Health District Director, where she oversaw a $45k budget and 500 staff. In this role, she managed staff in a wide variety of areas, from food sanitation to communicable diseases to laboratory testing. Dawn also acted as a liaison to San Antonio’s city officials and other external agencies.

Outside of her day-to-day consulting, Dawn Emerick also serves in leadership roles that benefit her community. She is currently Co-Chair of the COVID-19 Community Response Coalition, as well as Appointed member of the Mayor and Judge’s Health Transition Team. In the past she has held roles with NACCHO, Oregon Coalition of Local Health Officials Board, and over 10 other positions dating back to 2010. Dawn also started a podcast in 2020, entitled Leadership Uncensored. There are currently 4 full episodes available on iTunes.

Although there is no denying that Dawn Emerick is a hard worker, she lives by the mindset that life is meant to be lived, and there is more to life than simply working. Although Dawn is passionate about helping others and improving healthcare, she also enjoys watching sports, having a glass of wine or whiskey, and traveling to the Oregon coast. In the future, Dawn hopes to continue finding adventures and letting her fun-loving nature out, making memories that she can cherish for the rest of her life.

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